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Invest in content

Your website needs content. It’s necessary to have quality images of your products or services – a picture is worth a thousand words – but words are important too. When you write relevant content, your prospective customers will stay longer on your website and will come back. They will see you as an expert in your industry and will be more inclined to do business with you. You might even create a group of ambassadors that shares your topics or news through social media.


Speed is important

Page load time of your website is of crucial importance in an age where your visitor and potential client only gives you a second (or maybe two?). Speed is probably the main factor in users’ experience. Enough scientific surveys prove that visitors massively abandon a website when loading a page takes 0.50 second more time than they’re used to. Yes, your customer is not patient. Give him what he wants: simply increase visitor’s satisfaction by increasing the speed.

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