Build lots of links


Search engines continuously crawl the web to extract the content of millions of websites. Their goal: adding all the new information to their indexes. While crawling, they also simultaneously analyze the quality of a page based on +200 parameters and they link these pages with relevant keywords. Their sole goal is to make quality result rankings for their customers. Just in the same way as we use (hyper) links as roads to navigate through the world wide web, search engines use links to find new websites or pages. Building links between your site and other (high quality) websites is therefore helping you to rank higher on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s).

Using links as a ranking parameter made Google big in the late nineties! The idea was that if a good website refers to another website, the quality of the latter will be good too. SEO marketers have overused links in the past (remember the overload of web directories) and Google started to change its search algorithm. Links might weigh a little less nowadays but high-quality links pointing to your website still significantly increase your website’s ranking.

Building links can be part of your SEO campaign. It’s not the most easy part of it and you might require some professional help.


Google created a nice YouTube video explaining how the process of indexing through links work.

Here is the link to the video:

Building referral links from other websites to yours is not only good for your search rankings but will bring also visitors directly from their site to yours.


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