Create a local presence


We love to surf the web all over the globe but still we incline to do business with local (online) businesses. As a business owner or manager you like to be found and potential customers like to find you – but only the easy way. You are the one who can help them! In case your target customer is somewhere close geographically, local online presence is important for you. Searches on mobile devices have skyrocketed in the last years and still today the majority of all website traffic comes from organic search – not social media.

That means that your potential client is searching for your product or service while going around in your neighborhood with a smart phone in the hand. Presence on sites such as Yelp, Google Places, Yahoo! Local, TripAdvisor, Foursquare, etc. can contribute to more customers but you need to realize that still most traffic comes from a simple Google search. In other words: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is also important for you as an owner of a local business. Having your information on the first page of a search result will make the difference. If you can combine this with a business card or a pin on Google Maps, you are doing it well! Creating local online presence is no rocket science.


Research shows that small businesses are underestimating the potential benefit of their internet presence. Lots of business owners don’t like to deal with this “virtual world”, its obscurity and its challenges. You can profit from your competitor’s disdain in this area with a minimal effort. If you take your online presence seriously, you compete with your big competitors too. They might have more bricks and mortar presence than you but if you are well established online, you’ll take a chunk of their turnover.


We tell you about the importance of an online presence. But your first concern is that it will require money and time again. We understand that some of you have already invested serious amounts of capital in building a website but without receiving the promised rewards. The best and most beautiful website doesn’t automatically guarantee web traffic. Type in your web address in the box below and after we scanned your (or your competitor’s) website, we give you a brief overview of its health and performance - for free. The results are in easy understandable language and thus for everyone who has no digital or technical knowledge.

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