Free Report

What it is: We run and publish a report of a website in seconds containing several checks and metrics. Then we grade the website using our own algorithm.

Project details:
● On demand monthly update
● 50 web pages scanned

MarketGoo public grading
● Basic

Visitors info
● Estimated monthly visitors
● Visits break down
● Visit source distribution
● Global and local rank of visits
● 10 keywords bringing most traffic

Site Review:
● Loading website time
● Presence of SSL certificate
● Homepage size measurement
● Existence of XML sitemap
● www configuration
● Error pages configuration
● Internal broken links

Search Optimization:
● Missing titles
● URL length
● Dynamic URLs
● Alt tagging for images
● Count of links per page
● Existence of noindex tags
● Meta descriptions existence
● Duplicate meta descriptions
● Duplicate title tags
● Titles too long
● H1 existence
● Height and width image attributes

● Blog existence
● Contact forms existence
● Amount of content

● Render of mobile website visualization
● Check for a mobile dedicated website
● Mobile website loading speed

● Number of external links
● Number of external domains backlinking
● A sample of domains backlinking

● Number of times the url is mentioned on Twitter
● Number of times the url is shared on Facebook
● Number of times the url is liked on Facebook
● Number of Site +1s on Google+

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