Key Performance Indicators

Add your competitors to the comparing WebViking report!

Track their sites regularly and compare with your own website, to improve your strategy and beat them

Select and add keywords to WebViking

WebViking is a tool that helps you improve your website position using selected keywords

Optimize your Home Page for Search Engines

Follow the WebViking recommendations to optimize your Home Page for Search Engines

Optimize specific pages for Search Engines

Follow the WebViking recommendations to optimize specific pages for Search Engines

Fix programming related errors

Coding mistakes will lower your website's credibility, make sure to have an error free website with our instructions

Fix broken or dead links (Also known as 404 errors)

Page not found errors are the result of bad or broken links. You should keep these errors to a minimum whenever possible

Fix your meta descriptions tags

Meta description tags are very important in gaining more visits from search engine result pages and social media sites like Facebook

Ensure that your website loads quickly

Don't discourage users from using your website because of slow loading speed and keep track of your website's performance with the WebViking report

Include alternative text in images

The 'alt' attribute helps search engines understand images, use it to improve your content's visibility

Obtain an SSL certificate

Make sure your website is safe for the visitors and make your website search engine compliant to obtain a higher search ranking

Check your use of robots.txt file throughout your website

The file robots.txt may be blocking your website so that it's not found by search engines

Decide whether you want your website to open with www. or without it

Your website may show different content if you access to it with the 'www.' or without it, be consistent about it

Try to balance the use of 'noindex' tags on your web pages

'Noindex' tags are codes that you add to the pages of your website in order to prevent search engines from finding their content

Avoid excessively long webpage addresses

A good webpage address (URL) must be descriptive and concise

You should have a reasonable amount of outbound links on any given webpage

Having outbound links is important for your ranking, but having too many of them will have a negative effect on your positioning

Make sure all of your webpages have a title

Search engines consider the title element to be the most important element for identifying keywords and associating the page with a topic

Fix duplicate webpage titles on your website

Make sure to use unique titles for your webpages

Check the length of your webpage titles

Ensure that your webpage titles are between 8 and 70 characters long

Your website’s address must be descriptive

Avoid technical addresses (URLs) on your website

Make sure all the pages in your site are linked to the home page

It's very important that all of the pages on your website link back to your home page, the most credible page on your website

Do you frequently update your website's content?

High quality content is an extremely important factor for positioning a website within a certain industry

Include a form on your site.

If you don't have a contact form on your site, you are losing potential business leads

Are you improving your business' online presence with a blog?

Regularly updating your blog with high quality content is very important for your online presence

Avoid duplicate content

Don't let your pages compete against each other for rankings because of duplicate content and keywords

Create a mobile enabled website

A mobile friendly website is critical for a good user experience and improves your website's chances of being found

Make sure that your mobile website loads fast

Optimize the content of your mobile website, making sure that it loads as quickly as possible

Reduce the amount of text for mobile

Make sure that your users don't get overwhelmed by the amount of text on their mobile device

Is your company on Facebook?

Ensure that your company has a Facebook page to engage with your target audience

Do you have a Twitter page for your company?

Engage with your target audience on a whole new level

Does your company have a page on Google Plus?

Increase your brand's visibility by joining Google's social network

Is your company registered on LinkedIn?

Improve your online presence by registering your company on the leading professional social network

Continue optimizing your website's individual pages

Properly optimizing you site's pages for Search Engines is key to maintaining your position in Search Results Pages and continuing to increase it.

Create and verify your business on Google

Appear in the search engine and show your relevant information

Consider writing a review of a product, service or provider to get a link

Get referenced and linked to by posting a product review online

Claim your business on Foursquare

Take control of your presence in one of the leading online communities for local businesses

Is your website registered on Yelp? is one of the largest local business directories, increase your online presence by registering your business there

Do you update your website with quality content?

Every website needs to be frequently updated, with high quality content that is not too short

Include your keywords to the image file names

Tips on optimizing your images for search engines

Does your company have a YouTube channel?

Increase your brand's online presence by connecting with your target audience through Youtube

Ensure that you are consistent with your website’s language

Advice for multilingual websites

Improve your internal linking

It's important for search engines and enhances your site's user experience

Include a sitemap in XML format

By providing a sitemap you are making things 'easier' for search engines to find and crawl your site

Have you added your website to is the largest human edited online directory, it can help to improve your online presence

Do you participate in forums relevant to your company?

By taking part in forums you get more traffic and potentially more links to your website

Check that your postal address appears the same as it does in Google My Business

Your physical address accuracy is extremely important, make sure that you are consistent with it across online resources

Do you have a Facebook Like Button on your website?

Make it easier for your users to give you some Facebook love and attention

Do you have a Facebook Page Plugin on your website?

It is a way of demonstrating your brand’s social approval

Do you have a personalized web address for your Facebook page?

Customized Facebook URL makes it easier for users to find you

Have you linked all your personal sites to your company website?

Ensure that the websites you control are also contributing to your positioning on search engines

Do your clients' and collaborators' link to your website?

The more backlinks you have, the better is your website's ranking

Do you comment on blogs in your industry?

Backlinks from websites in the same industry are more valuable than those that are from other industries

Are you optimizing your Facebook presence?

Improve the look of your Facebook page and gain credibility

Do you regularly update your Facebook page with new content?

Your Facebook page is a powerful tool for keeping users engaged and making them your clients

Create links from your website to other websites

Having links to other websites is good for your website positioning in search engine results

Register your website on Google tools for Webmasters

See how Google views your website in terms of links, speed, keywords used to access your website and various other metrics and information

Do you have a Twitter button on your website?

Make it easier for your visitors to interact with you on Twitter

Do you have a Twitter widget on your website?

Twitter widget is an app that shows all of your recent Twitter activity in a neat box

Get a backlink from industry websites

One of your competitors has this backlink, stay on top of the competition and get yours too!

Do you have RSS enabled for your web or blog?

A way to broadcast your content to a wider audience, driving more traffic to your website

Do you use Google Alerts to track your business and competitors?

Google Alerts is a free service that sends you a notification every time there is an action involving one of the keywords you have chosen

Have you tried carrying out surveys and publishing the results?

Attract more attention to your website by providing your target market with interesting industry insights

Do you have Google+ button on your web?

Make it easier to get love from Google Plus users

Do you promote your company on Twitter?

Tips on how to get the most out of your Twitter page

Develop an app, widget or a service for other websites

Get exposure by allowing people to put your app on their websites

Are you promoting your business on Facebook?

Build a network around your company for better brand recognition

Do you promote your page on Google+?

Tips on promoting your business on Google's social network

Try sponsoring events to get more links

Get more links to your website and also increase your brand's exposure, online and offline

Try interviewing someone important in your industry

Increase your website's popularity by reaching out to interesting people and writing about them

Do you organize contests?

Creating competitions will help you gain popularity and attract much more traffic

Can your site visitors easily call you?

Introduce a click to call feature by adding your phone number to your website

Are you creating the best blog posts possible?

Following some steps will foster readers to share your content

Do you have a Bing Webmaster Tools account?

Bing Webmaster Tools is a useful resource that helps you maintain a Bing-friendly site

Use Facebook Ads to promote your website

Align the social network with your marketing goals in a very cost effective way

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