Social media presence


Your business needs a social media marketing strategy. Having online presence through a website is great but a website on itself never generates web traffic. A good SEO campaign ensures you to get found on the world wide web, while the use of social media helps to expose your brand name and image (and if you use your social media potential well, it will boost your SEO again). 
Social media are the most recent and popular new communication channels out there and because of their quick rise, there is a lot of confusion (e.g. about which tools would work best for a particular business).

Nevertheless, a well elaborated social media strategy should take away these roadblocks and provide you with new ways to engage with your customer. Social media is easy accessible, low cost and not as complicated as many let it appear. It delivers higher customer loyalty, richer user experience, higher conversion rates and more insight about your customer if you’re willing to learn the basics and if you demonstrate some creativity.

One of the main advantages is the possibility to customize your target public in ways it has never been possible before (geographically, by age, gender, interests)! On the other hand, as the previous might sound too good to be true, the use of social media requires time, lots of time.


The five biggest social media platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest) are growing each year in active users. Social media is here to stay!

It may not sound as a surprise but photo posts on Facebook have far more interactions compared to albums, video’s or status. Use captivating images and you’ll increase your engagement rate.

A Facebook post “lives” the first 5 hours after its publication. After that, it disappears from the public radar.


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